Your clients sing your praises, but you have trouble putting into words how you’re exactly the person to solve a potential client’s problems.

Or, you know LinkedIn is a riptide of opportunity, but you’re not sure how to push your boat into the current.

Fortunately, it’s not salesy or boastful to frame your story in a way that shows how you help people with their needs and their goals. I have listened to the stories of countless talented people who are too modest or tongue-tied to articulate their value. And that’s where I come in.

Why I’m a LinkedIn profile writing specialist

The favourite part of my 14 years in the recruitment industry was combining my listening skills with my love of biography. I used those skills to present each of my client’s uniqueness and their marketable skills through their stories.

Since 2009, I have specialised in applying those skills to writing compelling, honest profiles that my clients are proud to share. My clients are comfortable putting their LinkedIn profiles out there because we’ve crafted their profiles to be about their clients, not about themselves.

The Social Media Marketing Institute ranked me as one of the top 10 independent LinkedIn trainers across the Asia Pacific, but I’m not a LinkedIn guru or wizard. I’m a listener, a brand storyteller and a copywriter, and LinkedIn is my medium. I take only what is true and authentic then I weave it into a convincing LinkedIn profile.

You’ll soon have a winning profile and, with my guidance, you’ll know exactly how to put yourself at the top of the LinkedIn feeds and the searches of your ideal clients, partners and suppliers.

LinkedIn training

I also run LinkedIn training for groups — often teams at large corporations or government organisations. I hold nothing back — you get all the secrets I’ve amassed since 2009, making LinkedIn work for thousands of clients. These are high-energy, high-impact sessions you’ll be talking about for weeks.

My LinkedIn training clients include

Do you need a LinkedIn profile? Or do you need LinkedIn training?

If you’re looking to connect to all the business opportunities LinkedIn offers, let’s have a quick call to talk about what you’d like to achieve.

Ready to start making LinkedIn work for you?

With my help, you’ll get a LinkedIn profile that generates leads and opens doors. Interested? Let’s talk.

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