LinkedIn is a place where business is done, and your employees are the face of the company.

When they use LinkedIn effectively, they’re pulling the spotlight onto your business.

Discover how to sail your business into LinkedIn’s fast-moving current of connections and opportunities

Clients of mine have increased their company’s visibility on LinkedIn by 120% by updating a single LinkedIn profile then using it to full effect. If you could more than double the visibility of your company by updating a single profile, imagine how many more connections and opportunities you could tap into if everyone on the team had a powerful presence on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a place where business is done, and your employees are the face of the company. When they use LinkedIn effectively, they’re pulling the spotlight onto your business.

LinkedIn is your gateway to millions of connections. My training will show you how to find the golden needles in the haystack, whether you’re looking for clients, suppliers, or partners. Once you have the profile and the connections, you can leverage those relationships into anything you would like. . . when you know how.

Ready to be visible and valuable to your prospects on LinkedIn?

Do you want your employees to be comfortable presenting themselves and your business as the answer to your ideal clients’ problems? If so, I’d love to talk to you about how my webinars and workshops will make your team visible and valuable.

Webinars begin at $1,500 ex GST

In-person events begin at $3,500 ex GST

My LinkedIn training clients include:

Discover how to increase your visibility on LinkedIn — attracting clients and filling your pipeline with leads and opportunities

The foundation of your activity on LinkedIn should be an attractive, authentic profile that’s centred not on you, but on how you solve problems for your clients. Once you have that solid foundation, attracting the right people is about sharing content your ideal clients find valuable.

Now, you’re visible and you’re valuable. And when you’re valuable, you don’t have to be “salesy”. As valuable members of their LinkedIn networks, no one in your company has to feel they’re compromising their personal brand to hype an employer or to “sell” product. They’re not pushing your business; they’re attracting your ideal clients, partners, suppliers and employees.

Being valuable and the answer to your prospects’ problems is what I’ll teach your team to do comfortably and with great effect.

My LinkedIn webinars and workshops cover…

Building your brand on LinkedIn

Attendees learn how their individual LinkedIn profile can showcase them as the perfect fit for your ideal client, supplier or partner. Making the individuals in a company more visible will increase interest in your company and drive traffic to your corporate LinkedIn profile and your website.

You’ll get tips you can act on immediately — during the session. These tips will cover all eight essential aspects of a standout LinkedIn profile.

Building valuable connections on LinkedIn

Your profile is the foundation, but now you need to build on it. I’ll show you how to create strategic networks that strengthen your company’s presence across relevant industries.

You don’t need LinkedIn’s pricey Sales Navigator upsell to research on LinkedIn. I’ll show you fast, profitable ways to find the right people for your network using LinkedIn’s standard tools.

Creating LinkedIn content that gives and attracts value

There is an art and a science to improving your company’s visibility to potential clients and stakeholders by:

  • Creating relevant content
  • Taking part in industry discussions and other business-related activities

When you know how to participate, the friction is gone. You’ll soon be a welcome and valuable addition to the feeds of the people you want to reach.

First, I’ll show you why it’s essential that you participate in LinkedIn. Then I’ll show you how quickly you can make a difference to your results with simple structures and amplification techniques that make growing your reach easy.

Don’t take my word for it

Ready to start making LinkedIn work for you?

With my help, you’ll get LinkedIn training that will help you generate leads and opens doors. Interested? Let’s talk.

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