You know who thinks having a great LinkedIn profile matters? Google.

Google your name and your LinkedIn profile is likely one of the top results. Your LinkedIn profile probably ranks higher on Google than your own website, if you even have a website. That’s how important LinkedIn is to your online reputation.

Is your LinkedIn profile a search beacon or a dim bulb?

If you already know your LinkedIn profile isn’t a beacon guiding your ideal clients to you, let’s talk. In ten minutes we’ll know whether I’m the right fit to help you leverage LinkedIn to attract the right people to you and your business.

Your LinkedIn profile needs to be as strong as a magnet

It needs to be attracting the right kind of people into your professional life and repelling the wrong ones. (Life is too short and LinkedIn is too vast to waste time connecting with people you’re not the right fit for.)

How do you do all that within the limits of a LinkedIn profile — limits on length, limits on structure and the limits of the algorithm that decides who sees your profile? You engage an experienced LinkedIn profile writer, someone who:

1. Has the right skills

The skills to work with you to translate your business into a compelling sales message based on your history: who do you want to meet, and what will make you irresistible to those people?

2. Understands the mechanics

Understands the mechanics that trigger LinkedIn to promote one person’s profile while leaving others to languish.

3. Can leverage your investment

And can show you how to leverage your investment in your new profile to maximum effect.

Have you ever guided a friend to see in themselves a quality that was obvious to you but invisible to them?

As someone who specialises in researching clients and interviewing them for profiles, I will see things that you don’t. Then I can be objective about shaping those qualities into words you’re comfortable with. (You’ll be comfortable because your profile won’t (really) be about you: your profile will be about how you help the people you help.)

Don’t take my word for it

You don’t need a wizard to write a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is saturated with gurus and wizards. I’m no magician, but what I do have is 14 years of experience in recruitment and 14 years specialising in LinkedIn. That’s 28 years of capturing my clients’ marketable skills and describing them in ways that attract the people who will most benefit from those skills.

You are the authority on how you and your business work. However, I know how to get to the heart of what makes you valuable by asking the right questions then pushing what you offer into the spotlight. Together, we’ll convey those values in a captivating profile that builds networks, generates leads or opportunities.

LinkedIn profile writing, my proven process

STEP 1. The “fit call”

If we work together, I’ll need to know all about you because I’ll be writing as if I am you. To get to that point, we must be comfortable with each other. We’ll find out if we have that rapport in a quick telephone call. If we agree that we’re a fit, we’ll move to stage two. . .

STEP 2. Background research

Research is the foundation for copywriting. And because my clients are busy people, I make sure I never ask questions to which I should have been able to find the answer for myself. So, by the time we have our first in-depth interview, I’ll have done my homework. (I’m thorough, so you might even be surprised by how much I’ll know before the call.)

STEP 3. Video interview

Having gathered everything I can before we speak, our video interview will be about getting into your story. How did you get to where you are today? Who on LinkedIn will make a difference to the bottom line of your business? Why them? How can we craft your experience, expertise and problem-solving skills into a LinkedIn profile that they can’t scroll past?

STEP 4. Drafting your LinkedIn profile

After our call, I’ll take everything I’ve learned and shape it into a LinkedIn approach that positions you as the solution to the problems your ideal connection needs to solve. Your profile includes:

  • A headline that earns attention and attracts interest in your profile. (This is an opportunity wasted by anyone who dumps their job title into this section.)
  • An Experience section that draws out the benefits you deliver and concludes with a powerful call to action.
  • An About section that talks to who you are in the context of what your ideal connections are looking for and how your values are a fit with theirs. People will do business with you because they like you, which is why I’m a fan of the StoryBrand framework. StoryBrand is about using your unique story to show your ideal connections how you fit in like a missing piece of their multi-dimensional jigsaw.

Everything I write for you will be woven around a core of the keywords your ideal clients search for. That way, LinkedIn’s algorithm will be working for you, putting you front and centre at the crucial moments.

STEP 5. Content marketing strategy

LinkedIn began as a global filing cabinet of resumes, many of which gathered dust for years. Today, LinkedIn is a vigorous community of business people learning from each other and forging beneficial connections. That makes LinkedIn a landscape teeming with clients, but it’s a social network. You have to get amongst it to get the full benefit. Having a good LinkedIn profile is half the job. To get the full benefit, you need to be present, which means crafting content — posts, pictures, videos or whatever is most comfortable for you.

Your investment in participation will propel you from the sidelines and into the LinkedIn mainstream. You’ll quickly find yourself in a fast-moving current carrying you into the path of ever more business opportunities. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to post. I’ll give you frameworks and cheatsheets and, together, we’ll comb through your engagement information to learn your audience’s likes and dislikes. From there, we’ll work on a content marketing strategy to deliver valuable content to your audience. Your content will assert your expertise on the challenges your audience faces and your knowledge in how to address them.

STEP 6. Targeted networking

Connecting yourself with the right people, companies and industries on LinkedIn means that you’ll receive industry updates and be exposed to people who can be nurtured into business relationships. I’ll share proven LinkedIn networking strategies to make those connections in the least amount of time.

STEP 7. Follow-up support

A winning LinkedIn presence doesn’t happen overnight. I’ll stay in the picture as you take your new profile and content out for a spin, making sure that you’re gaining traction and kicking your goals.

Turn up the wattage on your LinkedIn profile

We live in a hyperconnected world, which means we’re doing more business with people we already know, like and trust. Those relationships are being built on LinkedIn right now and you can be at the centre of it.

Your investment in me writing your LinkedIn profile and showing you how to find and build the right network, and improve the reach of your content is $3300 + GST. However, your first step to the kind of a profile that delivers on your goals is a 10-minute chat to see if I’m the right fit to help you grow your business with LinkedIn.

Ready to start making LinkedIn work for you?

With my help, you’ll get a LinkedIn profile that generates leads and opens doors. Interested? Let’s talk.

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